The basis of Project 30/90 was a song that Jimek (Radzimir Dębski) composed from the sounds sent by his fans. All interested - musicians or not -  they could become a part of the project and upload the sound they recorded. Jimi chose the most interesting of the proposals. Round 30th birthday  od Radzimir Dębski and 90th Wyborowa brands have become a pretext for a joint musical celebration.                                                                     Tving Stage design was part of a large production team.
For the purpose of this video we have prepared a synchronization of all the video files sent by the winners with the final song. We have also created a video mapping of four scenographic sets. 
Special thanks to Bartek Hlawka.

client: Wyborowa
director: Łukasz Zabłocki HART Warsaw
concept: Zuza Słomińska, Łukasz Zabłocki | HART Warsaw
director of photography: Kajetan Plis HART Warsaw
production designer: Zuzanna Słomińska HART Warsaw
mapping, vfx: Tomasz Gawroński TViNG Stage Design, Victoria Żydowska
edit: Katarzyna Orzechowska
producer: Iwona Rabenda FILM REPUBLIC
production manager: Gabriela Siemek FILM REPUBLIC
set coordinator: Michał Dąbrowa
steadicam: Adam Mendry
focus: Piotr Kwiatkowski 
camera ass: Michał Cholewiński, Marcin Przywara
gaffer: Darek Barwiejuk
sparks: Konrad Karasewicz, Robert Stawicki
projectors, screens: Piotr Nakielski VISAU
set: Paweł Garbuliński, Marcin Głowacki, Albert Kalwasiński
driver: Łukasz Ościsławski
catering: Maciej Szaszkiewicz
studio: APRICOR
post-production: EFEKTURA
post-production manager: Aleksander Pławski, Małgorzata Nocoń
color: Frederick Van Eeden
on line: Bartek Lis, Piotr Górecki, Arek Arciszewski, Piotr Bandomir
post-production ass: Mateusz Górski

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