Unique installation based on glass products made in KROSNO SA. 
Combination of traditional production with modern art which fulfilled simple transparent form of glass. Minimalistic animated shapes emphasize physical perfection of glass in Krosno since 1923.  
The KROSNO S.A. glassworks joint stock company is a manufacturer of soda domestic glass.
The company prides itself on traditional manual glass forming, offering a wide range of products from fine glasses to large bowls. The mechanically formed table glassware is also an important part of the company's product range. The glassware manufactured by the KROSNO S.A. glassworks joint stock company combines unique patterns, excellent workmanship, and state-of-the-art technologies. The high quality of the products and the impeccable molten glass are achieved thanks to manufacturing methods developed over many years and the specification of the ingredients that are used.
Year: 2014
Client: KROSNO S.A.
Place: Poland, Krosno
Art Direction: Tving Stage Design
3D Mapping, Motion Design: Tving Stage Design
Video Coverage, Montage: Tving Stage Design  

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