Circulating light movement is the glare carrying away into distant dimension. Cosmic dissonance co-existing with the depth of gloomy smoke is quite a new minimalistic Odyssey. The simplicity of the whole construction with unlimited led pulsation deepens music, which in space infinty has no right to exist. This experience is beyond time-space perception of sound. 
The premiere of our installation was a part of the ArtFest 2017 festival organized by BWA Tarnow.
Year: 2017
Client: BWA
Place: Poland, Tarnów
Live Visual Performance, Concept : Tomasz Gawroński, Victoria Żydowska
Motion Design, Video Coverage: Tomasz Gawroński
Live audio performance: Re_silence
Camera: Kamil Kostur, Szymon Czarnik
Photos by: Przemysław Sroka  

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