Error Poster

Error audio-visual installation that sets us in communicative misalliance... Are we ready to live in the world of machines more consciously? 
World surrounds us today with many forms of design. One of them is interface. 
Digital reality can communicate with living organism on the level of interaction.
Marked with countless amount of data which we cannot always process, we open a space for digital chaos in which error becomes an idea, an idea that is a form of error in art. 
Digitalization of unrealistic worlds...
Can machines influence our lives through sound and vision?
screen shots from the animations
Error Poster II
Production: Tving Stage Design
Concept, 3d design : Tomasz Gawronski
Motion design: Patryk Zimonczyk
Music: Marcin Cichy (Skalpel/Ninja Tune)
all rights reserved Tving Stage Design 2013

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