1° Place - (Resolume Arena) - Reflexio Lucis / Tving Stage Design / Poland
The deepened dimension of the mystery of reality, which we will never know in our finite world of meanings and symbols. Bouncing in the rays of light, we form a history of places and spaces that affect us every day with a reflection of reproducibility. Recurrence is the key to Reflexio Lucis.
Video of Reflexio Lucis / Tving Stage Design - Poland
More info about GLOWFestival here: ​ http://www.glowfestival.it/index_en.html
Tving Stage Design is actually a group of artists from the borders of different fields of science and art , whose main goal is to experiment with light projectors, lasers, as well as fun perceptions received by the human audio visual senses.
Audio Visual Experience - became the motto of the group, code which is constantly setting new goals and breaking the boundaries of communication between artist and the viewer .
Tving Stage Design was founded by Thomas Gawroński in 2010 .
Patrick Zimończyk joined co Tving projects in 2012 , putting in new projects its characteristic motion design taste.
Marcin Cichy ( Meeting by Chance , Skalpel ) completes projects with unique sound design since 2013.
Pola Borkiewicz designer, cognitive scientist oversees both aesthetic and substantive aspects of our projects.
Backstage video of GLOWFestival II° Edition 2014
Altar of the Church of San Vito Martire in Ostuni, Italy.

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