kINEMATICA is a multimedia performance that uses video mapping 3D, symbiotic soundtrack and illuminations with dancing elements. It's an artistic combination of a real world and virtual reality. The stage of this unique performance is a architecturally original elevation of the Centre of Art in Mościce, Poland. Director Alek Janicki and Tomasz Gawroński used it to create an epic story about mankind. Visual artists are bringing building into life which is combined with choreography direced by Basia Wysoczańska. Real dancers are penetrating with visuals art directed by one of the best european vjs - Emiko. Creating unusual, intriguing experience.
movie from the show

screenplay: Aleksander Janicki
co-operation: Tomek Gawroński
direction: Aleksander Janicki, Tomasz Gawroński
choreography: Basia Wysoczańska
execution and interpretation (video and dancing): The DF Dance Theater
   Anna Majerczyk
   Małgorzata Ogórek
   Magdalena Śmigasiewicz
   Anna Wańtuch
   Barbara Wysoczańska
   Aleksander Kopański (guest)
video production / Vj: vj Emiko
sound design: Marcin Cichy
with elements score from HiQ
special effects, motion graphic: Patryk Zimończyk
video mapping 3D: Tving Stage Design
art consultations: Bernadetta Cich


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