Prototype project  of video mapping installation. A combination of sound, aromatherapy and motion design. It effects all the senses.

Presented at BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) a part of NoBorder Festival 2013 in Rzeszów, Poland.
Year: 2013
Place: Poland, Industrial PKP Rzeszów
Directed, Concept, 3D video mapping: Tving Stage Design
Graphic design: Tomasz Gawroński
Motion design: Patryk Zimończyk
Producer: Tomasz Gawroński
Music: Plastikman 
Camera crew: Patryk Zimończyk, Tomasz Gawroński
Edited by: Patryk Zimończyk 
Main stage visuals: Temporary Space Design
animation screen 1
animation screen 2
animation screen 3
animation screen 4
animation screen 5
animation screen 6

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