To celebrate the most wonderful time of the year Tving Stage Design wanted to do something extraordinary that will caught the Christmas spirit. We started with an inspiration from The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen and we give the story a little more magical, holiday feeling. The digital illustration made by architectural designer Paulina Pryzowicz was the starting point of our project, we transfered it to 3D progam to give it more realistic touch and a little depth, final montage and compositing was made in After Effects. 
We use 2,5k projector for this small scale projection mapping. Whole object is simply a A4 paper sheet with a laser printed building stroke.  
We filmed the projection in our house that is also our studio. 
The end of the movie is a surprise - enjoy!
Small pleasures... 
Sweet memories... 
Good animations...
Wishing you happiness at Christmastime, 
And prosperity throughout the new 2013 Year!
Merry Christmas to all of You!
projection movie
original drawing by Paulina Pryzowicz
animation screenshot #1
animation screenshot #2
animation screenshot #3
animation screenshot #4
animation screenshot #5
animation screenshot #6
card photo #1
card photo #2
card photo #3
studio photo #1
studio projection photo #1
studio projection photo #2
Tving Christmas tree

3D animation, art direction, director of photography - Tomasz Gawroński 
montage, effects, compositing and post production - Patryk Zimończyk
digital painting - Paulina Pryzowicz

Tving Stage Design


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