After almost a year, we are coming back with our flagship project - TOR 2. For the very first time we are stepping into yet unknown, industrial area, located at Gromadzka 46. It is a warehouse with over 1500 m2 space perfectly tailored for a legendary raves. It will be filled with music played by two Berlin artists: Charlton and SPFDJ, rising Kiev star - Daria Kolosova and Anatomy of Mashup. Additionally there will be an open air 'On Lemon' stage, well known from our last year B-day party. You will find there more relaxing beats from our best Krakow DJs: Eta Hox, Kixnare, Rusałka and Człowiek Bakłażan. We will also provide you with chillout zone and foodtrucks. TOR2 will be our biggest event so far, come and join us – you won’t regret!
LIGHTS: Tving Stage Design

Light installation by Tving Stage Desgin - DESIGN CONCEPT 

Portman Lights from Event Galicja - DESIGN CONCEPT

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